EasyX - Vertical Cleaning Robot


  • Any surfaces & materials

  • Manual & automatic control

  • Easy to use

  • Positive HSE impact

  • High quality cleaning

  • 3.500m² / hour

  • Zero facility modifications

  • Cost effective solution

  • Hygenic design



Partners and collaborators


EasyX was started in 2020 by founders that previously worked with measurement and analysis in the oil and gas sector.
We have plans to let robots perform a greater portion of hazardous work at height in the future.

EasyX AS is developing a robot to run on non-metallic surfaces, e.g. wood and concrete, intended painting of wooden buildings, washing of concrete tanks and more. The company received grants for market clarification from Innovation Norway May 2020.

May 2022 EasyX performed a successfully test with the prototype doing cleaning and disinfection of fish water tank.

Sindre Hansen Portrait

Sindre Hansen


95 07 71 29

Bård Hansen Portrait

Bård Hansen

Head of development

95 81 14 81

Jan Fredrik Gjerstad Portrait

Jan Fredrik Gjerstad

Sales and procurement

97 73 93 59

Erik Mannseth Portrait

Erik Mannseth

Lead programmer
Hallvard Tangen Portrait

Hallvard Tangen

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Feel free to contact any of our key people directly, or for general inquiries.
EasyX is located in Bergen.

EasyX AS

Organization number:
924 736 089