The Future of Fish Tank Cleaning

Versatile and cost-efficient cleaning of drained tanks, without facility modifications.

With a positive HSE impact, our robot offers high-quality cleaning at a rate of 3,500m² per hour, providing an efficient solution for large-scale cleaning needs.

Our robot's cost-effective, hygienic design offers a practical solution for cleaning without any necessary facility modifications.

Revolutionizing Fish Tank cleaning with

Eliminates human exposure to heights

Reduces the use of chemicals exposure

Increases production efficiency and HSE

Reduces the chance for fish disease and death


easyX, founded in 2020 by former oil and gas sector professionals, is developing a robot for hazardous work at height on non-metallic surfaces like wood and concrete. They recently received grants from Innovation Norway for market research. In May 2022, easyX successfully tested a prototype for cleaning and disinfecting fish tanks.

UN Sustainable Development Goals


Life below water

14-1. Reduce marine pollution
14-2. Protect and restore ecosystem
14-7. Increase the economic benefits from sustainable use of marine resources

Good health and well-being

3-9. Reduce illnesses and death from hazardous chemicals and pollution

Decent work and economic growth

8-8. Protect labour rights and promote safe working environments



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CCO & co founder
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